Probate Administration and Estate Planning

Organizing your affairs through prudent estate planning is a smart move for everyone, not just the wealthy. Anyone who wishes to appoint a guardian for their children, make specific gifts to loved ones, or assist loved ones in other ways upon their passing should have an estate plan. The attorneys at Furuseth, Kalil, Olson and Evert specialize in preparing estate plans that address all of these issues, and can also help in minimizing or avoiding probate.

If you need assistance in probating the estate of a loved one, our firm provides conscientious, affordable and expert administration of any estate. We provide clients the services necessary to prepare petitions and commence probate proceedings. We also assist our clients with the preparation of estate inventories and accountings, federal and state estate tax returns where required, and property transfer documents.
If you are in need of estate or probate services, please contact our office.